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In 2002, the Statler Brothers announced their retirement from the road. On October 26, they played their last concert at the 10,000-seat Salem Civic Center in Salem, VA, not far from Staunton, where they'd started and where they continued to maintain their headquarters. Although no longer touring, the group remained active, releasing a new gospel album, Amen , on Crossroads Records and following it in 2003 with a CD/DVD of their final show. In 2006, Mercury Records released Favorites , a 12-song compilation handpicked by the band's remaining members. The album features only the group's original works recorded after the departure of DeWitt , ranging from the years 1983-1993.

Having always accommodated every autograph request for the past half century and more (15 of those years even in retirement), a new page is turning. We will no longer receive, sign and return items in the mail nor guarantee autographs on any merchandise. We thank you for understanding and respecting this new and inevitable policy.
All of God’s good blessings to each of you,

The Statler Brothers purchased and renovated their former elementary school in Staunton, and occupied the complex for several years. The complex consisted of offices for the group, a small museum and auditorium, as well as an adjacent building which served as office space for unrelated businesses. A garage was built to store the two tour buses that the group had used for many years. The group has since sold the building which has been converted back into a school.

The Statler Brothers can sing any type song very well, I particularly enjoy the old country gospel songs they do. This one has been recorded by many different artists, it's not difficult to do at all. Print The Old Country Church lyrics and chords, have a good time playing this gospel classic.

The 90s saw them starring in their own television series, The Statler Brothers Show, on TNN, The Nashville Network for seven years and remaining the number one show on the network its entire run. Deciding to retire from a lifetime of traveling and enjoy the good life in their homes in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, they gave their farewell concert in the fall of 2002.

The Statler Brothers - How To Be A Country StarThe Statler Brothers - How To Be A Country StarThe Statler Brothers - How To Be A Country StarThe Statler Brothers - How To Be A Country Star