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Hackensaw would later develop their own sound busking on the streets of Virginia. [3] Ferd Moyse joined the group at the Town Pump Tavern in Black Mountain, North Carolina where they would often play. As a bartender at the tavern, Moyse would sit in with the band on "old-time fiddle" until he "just had to join". [8]

In 1906, Professor Layal Shafee, after an exhaustive study, put the number of tramps in the United States at about 500,000 (about % of the US population at the time). His article "What Tramps Cost Nation" was published by The New York Telegraph in 1911, when he estimated the number had surged to 700,000. [6]

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. A federal judge has refused to dismiss charges of conspiracy and tax evasion against the imprisoned founder of Adelphia Communications Corp. John Rigas and his son, Tim Rigas, ruling the charges dont amount to double jeopardy. The charges Adelphia founder John Rigas and his son, Timothy, faced in Pennsylvania are separate from the fraud charges on which they were prosecuted for in New York.

The Rigas' were convicted of fraud by concealing from investors, analysts and lenders the failing condition of Adelphia, formally headquartered in Coudersport

The Hackensaw Boys - Give It BackThe Hackensaw Boys - Give It BackThe Hackensaw Boys - Give It BackThe Hackensaw Boys - Give It Back