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Back Alley Satsuki - Chapter Heroine Sanctuary ( 路地裏さつき ヒロイン十二宮編 , Rojiura Satsuki - Hiroin Jūnikyū-hen ? , lit. "Back Alley Satsuki - Zodiac Heroine Edition"), also known as Rojiura SATSUKI Chapter Heroine Sanctuary , is a visual novel-style game following Bronze Heroines ( ブロンズヒロイン , Buronzu Hiroin ? ) Satsuki , Riesbyfe , Sion , Ciel , and Mysterious Heroine X ( Saber ) as they seek to climb through the twelve palaces of the Gold Heroines ( ゴールドヒロイン , Gōrudo Hiroin ? ) based around the Chinese Zodiac and parodying Saint Seiya . It unlocked throughout the day when it was active, presenting each chapter in a stone circle illuminating each zodiac symbol with flames. Some chapters have certain gimmicks, such as Pokemon -style battles that can lead to a game over.

During this period, the body gradually cools in a process called algor mortis. The best way to accurately assess a corpse's temperature is with a core (tympanic membrane, liver, or rectal) thermometer. Rectal insertion may be difficult and cause postmortem injury.

According to Madame Vastra , the Eleventh Doctor theorised that exposure over billions of years to the Untempered Schism contributed to the Time Lords' ability to regenerate. ( TV : A Good Man Goes to War )

Various - Life Is A Joke Vol. 3Various - Life Is A Joke Vol. 3Various - Life Is A Joke Vol. 3Various - Life Is A Joke Vol. 3